Time Converter

Convert and Verify Time in various Time Units. The Time Converter allows you to quickly convert time from Hours, Minutes, and Seconds to Milli Seconds. Time Converter can be really useful and handy for Application which require you to enter Time Duration in Mill-Seconds.

Screenshot of Free Time Converter Utility to convert Hours, Minutes, and Seconds to Milli Seconds

Download Time Converter

Download and Install this Free Time Converter on your Windows Desktop. Yes you can use this Time Converter Application whether you are using a 32 bit or 64 bit Windows Operating System.

How to Use Time Converter

The given below procedure outlines how you can use the Time Converter. Once you have used it, you can then later use it by just selecting the appropriate values from the Drop Down Combo.

  1. Launch the Time Converter from Desktop Shortcut and Select the Hours, Minutes and Seconds from the Selection Combo Boxes.
  2. Note that the Milli Seconds value automatically updates itself as and when you change the Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
  3. Press the button labelled Check to convert the displayed number of Milli Seconds back to Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

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